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August certainly wasn't a dull month, as far as the scene was concerned. Hopefully the end of the Summer will not mean the end of the parties and theme nights.

Hooray Henries had a Beach Party on Friday 19th August. The club was bedecked with fish nets, streamers, balloons, anchors and even a large beach umbrella! Furthering the theme, the staff were decked out in T-shirts and shorts as were some of the customers. Doorman Reze proved that all things Balearic are not just record industry hype with his cute hat and bolero. Manager Eugene went out to shock with his fish-motif bermudas and that BRIGHT canary yellow vest. He was even seen dancing to Kylie Minogue's 'Locomotion', although he claimed that he "hates this song". Rumour has it that the exotic cocktails with the little umbrellas and the even more exotic fruits being served went to Eugene's head, or the snacks contained more than cheese and crackers. However I think that it was just the party atmosphere that did it. D.J. Gerry Moore proved once again that it's not impossible to keep the crowds dancing till late, even if his legs attracted a s much attention as his music!

Saturday 20th saw the NGF host the Pride Party 2 in the IFI, Eustace Street, Dublin. Those who went had a wonderful time, no small thanks to DJ Tony Murray, who had to work under a very restrictive echo. Another benefit will be held at this venue on Saturday 24th Sept.

Thursday 25th was quite a busy night. The second Leather/Denim collaboration between the Parliament Inn and Hooray Henries took place. DJ Gerry Moore coped admirably with the Parliament, even if at short notice, and DJ Albert O'Connor managed to keep the feet going in Hooray Henries until the small hours. No small achievement, considering that Minsky's had a party going, complete with stripper. We have a review of this elsewhere in GCN. Samantha Fox look-alikes

TOM ROBINSON, who appeared at The Tivoli, Dublin, on Saturday 17th September at a GHA Benefit. Photos & report next issue.


The Parliament Inn has launched an ambitious programme of entertainment for the Winter season. Every second Thursday night in the top lounge is Leather and Denim Night. The top lounge also sees weekly women only nights. In keeping with this policy of offering something for everyone, they are bringing over some of the top names from the London scene over to Dublin. The first of these was ANDRÉ ADORE, who performed his show on three consecutive nights from 26th to 28th August.

The show started at quarter past ten, when a diminutive man got onto stage and started stripping to the music. Soon he was putting on make-up and a dress. With the wig in place the transformation was complete! "Marilyn Monroe" was on stage in front of us. There was even a wind machine to create that famous up-draft!!! While "I am what I am" was playing, he changed into "Judy Garland".

After a ten minute break, Andre returned to give an impersonation of Shirley Bassey, with a massive pink boa. Another change and we had the man who took the stage at the start of the night's entertainment.

The show was excellent, and well done to Frank and Noel for giving us the opportunity to see it.


Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was re-released last month. On the Old Gold label, the catalogue no. is "7"OG 9436 .............. Dead or Alive have a new single out, "Turn Around and Count 2 ten", which is flipped by a live version of "(There is) Something in My House". (And no, all you youngsters, that does not mean MARRS meets S"Xpress - it's an old favourite of theirs.) .................... The Extra Beat Boys have done it again, this time remixing "Safe in the Arms of Love" by the Shooting Party, a current Hi-NRG hit. This one's at 119 bpm ................... West Side Records are launching a limited edition box set, "House of Hits", a 14 LP set with 120 hit tracks. Cat. No. HOUSBX 1 (LP set). Anyone who has a spare copy knows where to send it! ................. Jellybean has a new album out, called "Jellybean Rocks the House". It's a double, with 12in. mixes of his current hits to date, including "The Real Thing", "Just a Mirage" etc. Fans of his will already have most of the tracks, but for those wishing to build up their Jellybean collection, it is a good buy, containing the better mixes of the afore-mentioned titles, were reputed to have been seen getting on down behind the bar at Henries that night. Perhaps a stage lift under the bar might be an idea, so that more people can see that fancy footwork!

The weekend of 26th August saw not only the Irish Aids Initiative conference, but also André Adore, brought over to Dublin by the Parliament Inn, where he presented his show to enthralled audiences. See the review and pics, elsewhere in this issue of GCN.

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