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The National LGBT Federation (NXF), publishers of GCN, are pleased to introduce readers to our new and expanded Board. We believe the backgrounds and attributes of those listed below mean we are well positioned to continue our work on behalf of LGBTQ+ communities throughout 2022 and beyond -work that involves securing existing equality gains in the face of global reactionary forces and making progress on outstanding priorities.

Gavin Hennessy joined the board as Chair in 2021 and is a Diversity and Inclusion specialist in the corporate sector. He is also a co-founder of the Irish Traveller Graduate Network which supports Travellers through education and into employment. He has deep experience supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.

Steve Jacques is our Vice Chairperson where he focuses on governance matters, our national LGBTQ+ Awards, The GALAS, and GCN magazine. A current priority for him are initiatives to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’. He is an experienced senior manager in the social services sector.

Emily Brennan joined the NXF Board in 2021. She is a PR and Events professional, whose work is underpinned by a belief in the power of communications to effect positive social change. She has worked with a number of LGBTQ+ advocacy organisations to date.

Brendan Byrne joined the NXF Board in 2016. He is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience, including living and working in different countries growing his understanding of the necessity of an active I and D agenda within the corporate world.

Siobhán Curran is a new member of the Board with a focus on grants and policy. She has worked for many years focused on policy and advocacy on human rights and equality. She previously volunteered for LGBT Noise and is committed to working for full equality from an intersectional feminist and queer perspective. She has a background in social policy and human rights law.

Claire Egan is a Communications and PR professional who has worked in a variety of sectors over the past 15 years including journalism, publishing, sport and, currently, in higher education. She joined the board in 2018. She is passionate about social issues, including mental health and wellbeing, LGBTQ+ rights and equality issues.

Hayley Fox-Roberts began her Irish activism with GCN in the late 1990’s. Over time her energy turned to rural LGBTQ+ development and successfully engaging under-served queers. Coming from a community development background, her focus within the NXF is on governance and her heart is firmly in LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Adam Long is a long-standing member of the NXF Board where he focuses on advocacy and policy, including social media content. He has a particular interest in delivering progressive policy outcomes through political engagement. He chaired the NXF Dublin Pride Political Debate for many years and more recently the Pride Leaders Series, which will return again in June 2022.

Mary McAuliffe is a historian and Director of Gender Studies at UCD. Her latest research looks at gendered and sexual violence during the Irish revolutionary period, 1919-1923, and she is also researching and writing about the Irish female same-sex suffrage and Republican women of the period.

Conor McCarthy is a new member of the Board, joining in 2021 as the new Treasurer. Most of his career to date has been in the Tech industry and Consulting sectors. Conor has a keen interest in social issues and has been active in promoting diversity and ally-ship programs in the workplace.

Anna Nolan joined the NXF Board in 2021 and mainly works with Team GCN. Anna comes from a media background, working as a Head of Content Development and producing several well-known productions. In 2021, she hosted a series of webinars for Sporting Pride Ireland and recently hosted the NXF Report Launch for Across the Spectrum.

Chris Noone is the board member responsible for the NXF’s research activities. He has led the publication of two of our reports -Far From Home: Life as an LGBT Migrant in Ireland and Across the Spectrum: Attitudes towards Minoritised Genders and Sexualities in Ireland. Chris has also been involved as a volunteer for Bi+ Ireland and is active in numerous other LGBTQ+ networks.

Steve Sands joined the NXF Board in 2017 and serves on the GCN sub-committee with a keen interest in governance and equality legislation.

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