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FROM THE TEAMKeep up to date across our socials: @gaycommunitynews
MEET THE NXFCommunity NXF – New Team - 2022
In memory of makenCommunity In Memory – maken – Tribute
Why we need a law on HATE CRIMECommunity Hate Crime – Laws – Protection
FUTURE FRIENDSCommunity Spirasi – Befriending – Volunteers
NEW WAYS OF SEEINGCommunity Growing - Coming Out - Self-acceptance
LOOKK BACKKFeature Flikkers -Bealtaine -Exhibition
CELEBRATE YOURSELFInterview Music - Creativity - Art
DEPARTURE LOUNGEFeature Front Lounge -Memory Lane -Queer History
SOURCE OF LIGHTInterview Pillow Queens - Leave The Light On - Music
The World Needs A STAGECulture Theatre – Writing – Art
United Against WarOn February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, leading to continued bombardment, thousands of deaths, and, at the time of writing, the displacement of around one quarter of the entire population. In response to the ongoing situation, Oisín Kenny lists various organisations appealing for donations to fund the urgent supplies of shelter, food, medication and psychological support needed, and to assist relocation to safe places
Dating and Difference MONEYDiscrimination is often directed towards certain lifelong experiences. This makes it easier for people to judge, fuelled by some sort of “I’m not like them and I’ll never be like them” notion. It’s much easier to throw dodgy comments or think problematic thoughts towards someone if it’s not possible for you to fully relate to them, describes Adrian Colwell.
HAPPIER————————————THAN————————————EVERInterview Music - Creativity - Art
HIGHLIGHTING LGBTQ+ CREATIVESLiam Geraghty and Peter Dunne, creators of the award-winning horror anthology podcast Petrified.
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