Child of Drag

photographed by Babs Daly, get ready to meet the family.
Coming down the runway next, it’s… Child of Pride. Decorated in rainbow colours, with a sunburst of joy on its face, this little wonder is crowned with an jewelled heart, cracking open to let the light pour out.

For any superstitious Irish person planning a wedding, you know to leave a statue of the Child of Prague out to stop the rain. The following little beauties should be left out to ensure good weather for Pride – don’t rain on my (virtual) Parade!

So what spark of sheer creative weirdness mixed with genius do we have to thank for what lies ahead? The extraordinary Glamo described how in the 1950’s and ‘60s, Irish households didn’t have art on their walls, they had Sacred Hearts, religious pictures and ornaments.

As a “recovering hoarder”, Glamo found herself with a surprising amount of ‘holy statues’ lying around and an idea struck – what would they all look like as drag stars? The world is about to find out.

And as Glamo herself describes in rhinestones bedecked on the cloak of one of these stunners – ‘It is all love’. So enjoy a tongue-in-cheek celebration of our community.

First up, welcome to the stage… Child of Candy. Inspired by the Irish drag legend, Candy Warhol, host of the Friends of Dorothy podcast and the Mother of the Mockie Ah drag collective, this dazzler is bedecked in rhinestones. Candy has been known to remind Glamo that everything is better with sparkle – cue 12 hour bedazzling sessions.

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This article appears in the 367 Issue of GCN