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Lesbian and Gay Youth Group Outing

It has now become standard practice that the Youth Group goes on an outing every bank holiday Monday. This particular holiday saw us going on an outing to "The Scalp", a big hill/small mountain just outside Enniskerry. We had arranged to meet outside the Central Bank at 11.00, to catch the 11.30 bus to Enniskerry. Due to the occurrence of a birthday party the night before, some people were a bit under the weather, but prepared to give it a try anyway. Fifteen people boarded the bus and were subsequently given a guided tour of Dublin, with night clubs etc. indicated to newer members of the group. Also pointed out was "the window" where the people on the last outing beheld a wonderful sight.

At roughly 12.30, we alighted from the bus and proceeded to begin the climb, undaunted by the rain. After a little uncertainty as to where to go when we hit the top, we eventually found ourselves eating lunch under the shelter of a large pine tree. Suitably nourished, and after more debating as to which direction to take, we proceeded on to "the tower", where we played a sort of rugby, much to the amusement of some local children! (They learned something about love anyway). Some of us then proceeded to climb the tower, while others panicked quietly (or not!) with their feet firmly planted par terre.

The privileged few took the short way back to Enniskerry (and by car too), while the rest of us had to plod along the 5 mile back-road, to eventually meet them at the pub an hour later. We got our strength back there before getting the bus back home at 5.30, by which time we could only manage to collapse into each other's arms. So tired was the group that we all went to bed VERY early, not even having the energy for a night in the pub!

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