A former manager of the Hirschfeld Centre and one of the founders of the National Gay Federation will be leaving Dublin in late March for the US.

Tony O'Shea (37),. helped establish the National Gay Federation and the Hirschfeld Centre in early 1979 and until recently was closely associated with both ventures.

O’Shea was appointed Manager of the Centre in 1980 and also acted as Secretary to NGF's holding company, Hirschfeld Enterprises Ltd. He held the well-paid Manager's job until 1986 when the Hirschfeld Centre ran into severe financial difficulties and was forced to cut back by making its two paid workers - a cleaner and manager - redundant. Much consideration was given at the time to selling the Centre and cutting its huge debts and O'Shea maintained his involvement, albeit voluntarily, until the situation was stabilised later that year.

Tony O'Shea

In his free time Tony O'Shea was also involved in D.J.'ing at Flikkers Dance Club in the Centre and was at one time NGF's liaison with Gay Health Action - having helped set up that group in January 1985.

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