In remembrance of OLIVER HEGARTY |


In remembrance of OLIVER HEGARTY

GCN was extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Oliver Hegarty on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Oliver was a beloved and valued member of Dublin’s LGBTQ+ community, especially through his contribution to Outhouse.

In a post across social media, Outhouse said, “Our dear friend Oliver Hegarty died on Tuesday night.

“Over the past 25 years, even after his health became compromised, Oliver put so much of his time, talent and labour into making the two old buildings Outhouse has occupied since 1997 into warm, safe and welcoming spaces for all.

“His dedication and his accuracy are literally inscribed into the form and material of 105 Capel St, into the plaster, the wood, the paint and every detail of the place.

“He welcomed everyone with equal warmth and respect and all held him in high regard. Widely known as a quiet man of few words, many who knew him well will have experienced his ready wit, wisdom and great knowledge.

“Oliver’s memory and presence will remain with us until we all meet again in that great café in the sky.”

Dublin’s LGBTQ+ Pride Operations and Outreach Manager, Jamie Kenny, who knew Oliver for 20 years, had this to say:

“Oliver was a quiet and reflective man, he always enjoyed a conversation but would never dominate it. He liked to listen to different points of view.

“He was very hands-on and put a lot of love into his work. The fireplaces and bookshelves in Outhouse were his handy work. I think the floors and trimmings too.

“He was a kind soul, the maintenance space in Outhouse is still called Oliver’s Store in tribute to his work. He’ll be missed no doubt by the GOLD group.”

GCN wish to send our condolences to all of Oliver’s friends and family. If people wish to make a donation on Oliver’s behalf, the family have requested that contributions be made to the Irish Kidney Association.

Outhouse will be arranging an event to remember Oliver in the near future. For more information follow Outhouse on Instagram or Facebook.

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