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In Memory of EOIN COLLINS In Memory – Eoin Collins – A Tribute
BODIES IN MOTION Film – Art – Identity
RETURN FROM OZAustralia - Ireland - Return
LIVE BOLDLYDrag - Monsters - Art
FOR THE LOVE OF KINK Kink - OinK - All You Need To Know
How to tell a secretDisclosure - Documentary - VMDIFF
Forward FashionIn November 2021, Irish urban clothing brand, The Human Collective, burst onto the scene proudly wearing a message of equality on its sleeve. Speaking with Oisin Kenny, disability activist and Head of Community, Paddy Smyth, details what makes inclusive fashion
GENDER BASED VIOLENCE & THE IRISH STATEEmily O’Connell talked to some of the most marginalised members of the queer community about their experiences with GBV, how it intersects with other facets of violence and oppression, and asks if policing works for them
MEETING OF LIKE MINDSThe Lesbian Lives Conference returns this March for its 25th edition, taking up residency in University College Cork (UCC) for the first time. Han Tiernan takes a look back at the origins of the conference and why Cork is the perfect place to host it
SOLIDARITYSusan Stryker will be a keynote speaker at the 25th Lesbian Lives Conference. Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll spoke to her about her life, community, work, and what to expect from her upcoming talk
THE BOLD TYPEPerforming as part of the unmissable Lesbian Lives Conference, poet Julie Goo shares with Peter Dunne how the Irish language has helped her work reach new depths and how poetry helps her make sense of things
Dating & Difference: NEURODIVERGENCEWhen thinking about the myriad personal reasons we disregard potential partners, longterm or short-term, romantic or sexual, it would be naive to think that these reasons are not affected by more universal influences like racism, classism, body shaming, ableism and ageism, writes Adrian Colwell
In remembrance of OLIVER HEGARTYGCN was extremely saddened to learn of the
THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIENDGeorge Robotham’s recent departure as long serving Chair of Outhouse marks the end of an era for the vital community space. Outhouse Board Member David Carroll thanks a beloved teammate. Portrait of George by Paul Connell from his Path Finders exhibition
After the Cameras StopCam_Stop? @atcs
HIGHLIGHTING LGBTQ+ CREATIVESLuis Noguera Benitez and Ciaran Gildea of PShirts, and founders of the Quirk Market
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