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We partnered with the inspiring BeLonG To Youth Services to platform the thoughts and opinions of some amazing young LGBTQ+ writers from across the country. Artist Clare Foley created beautiful bespoke artworks, illustrating each article and giving the series its own visual identity.

We share here some of the powerful words from the young writers. To read the pieces in full visit www.gcn.ie or follow the hashtag GCNnewvoices across our social media channels.

3. The Stonewall Riots Ash Caulfield “Words cannot even begin to describe the impact that their lives and work have had on so many.”
1. Coming Out, Stereotypes and Hardships Jodi Flynn “Differences should be encouraged, there is no right or wrong way to be who you are.”
2. Queer Music Is Revolutionary Rosa Connolly “It’s a beautiful cascade of emotions mixed up with the richness of an incredibly complex identity.”
4. The Importance Of Pride Parades Aoibhín “Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else.”
5. Growing Up Gay In Rural Ireland Joseph Burke “Why does it always have to be me that has to stand out? All I wanted was to be like everyone else for a change.”

This article appears in the 369 Issue of GCN

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This article appears in the 369 Issue of GCN