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Queer Utopia: Neave Alouf & Ollie Bell

Queer Utopia lives! In this month’s bumper edition of our provocation to LGBTQ+ artists, activists, makers, thinkers and dreamers to make art based on their responses to that boldest of imaginings - an ideal queer future - we platform a bounty of incredible creations.

Pairing makers from differing backgrounds and disciplines, we have asked them what is the ideal future for our queer family, how would it look, sound, feel? We hand them the reins and see where they will lead us. What new roads will we travel? What new dreams will be planted in our heads?

First up in our plethora of riches, we have a striking, stirring and sparkling collaboration between illustrator, Neave Alouf, and poet and activist, Ollie Bell.

Our glorious first match up are:

Ollie, a non-binary trans activist and poet. They are the founder of Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin and are currently studying a masters in Community and Youth Work in Maynooth. Ollie described the evolution of their poem - “My inspiration for the poem came from my own activism and politics, especially the movements around Repeal and Marriage Equality.”

The insanely talented Neave created two stunning works directly influenced by Ollie’s beautiful words. We previously collaborated with Neave on our #GCNnewvoices series, where she responded to the words and opinions of young LGBTQ+ writers from across the country, adding life and colour to their thoughts. You can follow her incredible work on Instagram @leave.neave

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This article appears in the 366 Issue of GCN