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Rainbow Icons

Illustrations by Neave Alouf.

01 (Pictured leſt to right) LGBT+ rights activist, historian, DJ, curator of the Irish Queer Archive, GCN’s fab co-founder and the Godfather of Gay - the unstoppable Tonie Walsh.

02 Living legend Ailbhe Smyth. Feminist and lesbian activist, co-director of Together For Yes, Convener for the Coalition to Repeal the 8th and one of Time Magazine’s 100 for 2019, Ailbhe is an inspiration.

03 Social justice advocate, founding director of Equate Ireland and the awesome LGBT+ youth organisation BeLonG To, Michael Nanci Barron is a true community supporter.

04 The pioneering Dr Lydia Foy. Trans rights activist Lydia valiantly fought a 22 year legal battle to have her gender recognised by the Irish State.

05 The fearless Joni Crone. In 1980, Joni appeared on The Late Late Show talking openly about her sexuality, becoming the first Irish person to come out on national television.

06 The inimitable Senator David Norris. Serving in the Seanad since 1987, David’s battles for LGBT+ rights over the years would lead to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993.

07 Katherine Zappone, the current Minister for Children, and her beloved late wife, Dr Ann Louise Gilligan, were marriage equality trailblazers who fought tirelessly for their marriage to be recognised in Ireland.

08 The powerhouse Panti Bliss AKA Rory O’Neill. LGBT+ rights activist, drag legend, author, performer, and national treasure, all hail the Queen Of Ireland.

09 The revolutionary Izzy Kamikaze. A constant activist for LGBT+ and Human Rights, Izzy is one of the founders of Dublin Pride. Her passion is an inspiration to the whole queer community.

10 Grand Marshal of this year’s Dublin Pride, artist and activist Will St Leger has long fought for LGBT+ and Human Rights and is an indefatigable member of ACT UP Dublin.

11 The much-loved Jon Hanna. A tireless activist with Bi+ Ireland, Radical Queers Resist and the Repeal movement, he was a partner, a father and a friend. Rest in power, Jon.

12 The awesome Aoife Martin is a fierce and empowering trans rights advocate. A current board member of TENI, she has given numerous talks and interviews about being transgender in Ireland today.

13 Author, broadcaster and journalist, the unstoppable Una Mullally was a familiar face during both the equal marriage referendum and the Repeal movement, and is the chair of the National LGBT+ Youth Strategy 2018-2020.

14 The trailblazing Nuala Ward is a derermined activist for LGBT+ rights. Amongst her myriad incredible work for the community, Nuala was the founder of Galway Pride.

15 Co-founder of GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) - Kieran Rose. A major player in the campaign to decriminalise homosexuality, Kieran was also a key member of the Yes Equality campaign.

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