LGBT AA Pride Meet |

5 mins

LGBT AA Pride Meet

We all love Pride and the vast array of fun events. For those of us with alcohol issues however, those same events can be testing.

For anyone in the community who may have a concern about their drinking, there is an opportunity to come to an open public meeting of the LGBT Group of Alcoholics Anonymous in Outhouse Capel Street on Friday June 28 at 8pm.

Members of AA who are LGBT+ will talk about their own experiences and share the tools they learned along the way to help them deal with alcohol. Their stories are both inspiring and essential listening.

This meeting is free of charge and all are welcome to come along.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a worldwide fellowship of folk who share their experience, strength and hope with each other in a bid to solve their problems and help others recover from alcoholism.

The Outhouse LGBT Resource Centre Group meetings of AA happen each week on Monday, Friday and Sunday nights. Live and Let Live Meetings are held in Eustace Street each Saturday and Wednesday evenings.

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