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Making An Exhibition

Be sure to get yourself down to The Red Room in Outhouse on Capel Street to catch a show of solo paintings by the incredible artist Siobh McGrane. Entitled My Granny Was Queer, the show consists of a series of oil portraits depicting a group of people that McGrane’s Granny first introduced to her as a child.

The use of the word ‘queer’ in the title wishes to capture the diversity and ambiguity of the depicted protagonists. As the exhibition describes them - “Practitioners of the Individual. Their commonality? Love, vulnerability, lust, tragedy and defiance. All held a flag up through their art. Queer is an outlook. Queer is a sensibility. Queer is inclusive.”

This unmissable show runs until June 30, so celebrate your Pride season with some beautiful art.

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This article appears in the 355 Issue of GCN