GCN - 335

In our annual Wedding Issue of GCN this month we’ve got lots of wonderous wedding content and lots of other great stuff too!

Thinking of getting married abroad? We take a look at some interesting international options. Comedian Margaret Cho tells us about her life as a fearless free-spirit and LGBT advocate ahead of her first- ever Irish gig. Fellow funny gal Kathy Griffin talks Weinstein, disenfranchisement and the fall-out from that picture. Elsewhere, we speak to some LGBTs who opted for unconventional wedding themes (including bikers, Rocky Horror and a Bjork-inspired duo). We present a photographic round-up of all the GALAS winners, and chat to Fair City's latest gay resident, Brazilian actor Rodrigo Ternevoy. Also, we've got all the details about what's hot and what's not in the world.

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The GCN Team
THIS MONTH FOR OUR EIGHTH ANNUAL WEDDINGS ISSUE WE ASKED THE THIS VERY PERTINENT QUESTION: What song would you have for the first dance at your wedding and why?
The Men Who Have Sex With Men Survey
The largest ever survey of men who have sex with men has been launched, and you know it makes sense to ill it in
Water Cooler Chatter
This month we’re having words about…
Pay it Forward
Kudos to LGBT youth organisation, BeLonG To, who continue to
Raja goes to Waterford
From its humble beginnings in the early 2000s, Waterford Pride
Archive On The Move
We’re delighted to report that Cork’s LGBT Archive collection has
Maspalomas Massive
Fancy a bit of winter sun, with a gaggle of
Queer Writes
There’s no-one quite like the Irish for a good story
Off to Outburst!
We’re choosing what to wear for our forthcoming visit to
Feminists on Film
Given that we live in a world where men outnumber
Food for Thought
Based in the Dublin’s Liberties, Cornude’s multi-award winning popcorn is
Made ‘N’ Shade
The annual GALAs went swimmingly with many deserving folks honoured
Queer View Mirror
If all the tools to fight HIV were easily available in Ireland, then it’s likely the number of new cases would start to fall sharply – surely a win-win for everyone?
The Book Guy
What’s got Stephen Boylan turning the pages this month?
Modern Anthem 004 Charting The Songs We Love So Well
2007 was a landmark year for Britney Spears as she sufered a very public meltdown and released a career-shiting album at the same time. The irst single from that album, ‘Gimme More’ raised two ingers to the establishment, and became an instant queer anthem for more reasons than one
The Verdict
Demi Lovato’s Sweet Spot
The GALAS Winners 2017
On Saturday, October 21, GCN and our publishers, the National
That picture made me the most famous comedian in the world for a day
Last May, comedian and staunch LGBT+ ally Kathy Gri n was hit by a “wall of shit” a er tweeting a picture of herself brandishing a mocked-up version of Donald Trump’s severed head. The president went on a mission to destroy her career, the Secret Service launched an investigation, and for a moment it seemed like Gri n’s career was in the toilet. But the queen of celebrity self-invention has turned things in her favour, it seems, as Róisín McVeigh discovers
Cho Business
Kick-ass comedy legend Margaret Cho is coming to Ireland for the irst time and we couldn’t be more excited. Author, actress and activist, Cho has been a fearless free spirit and a tireless advocate for LGBT+ rights for over a decade. As well as touring with her new show Fresh Of The Bloat, Cho has co-written and stars in Highland, a comedy series about two dysfunctional Korean families who run a weed dispensary, due to air next year. Now Cho talks to Aoife O’Connor about her irst Irish gig, the Harvey Weinstein allegations, and the campaign to Repeal the 8th amendment
Przem & Les Our Festival Wedding
“We always knew we wanted our wedding to be non-conventional,”
Louise & Serena’s Biker Chic Wedding
For their wedding in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo last June, Louise Brennan and Serena Gordon drove into the ceremony on a motorbike. The move stunned their guests, but it shouldn’t have – a shared love of biking is what made this couple fall in love in the irst place
Kevin & Rob’s Rocky Horror Wedding
The guests at Kevin Murphy and Rob Byrne’s Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed wedding were issued with wristbands that said, ‘Don’t Dream It, Be It’, which is not only the chorus to one of the songs in the original show and movie, but a motto by which these two men live their lives
Get Hitched Abroad
Having your wedding in a hotel or big house on the island of Ireland is all well and fabulous, but with marriage equality came the ability to have your wedding abroad and for your union to be legally recongised at home. With that in mind, Ciara McGrattan picks her top four places on the planet to tie the knot in
Magical Malta
The EU’s smallest nation legalised same-sex marriage in July of this year, so we decided it was the perfect time to check out exactly what makes Malta so special
What’s the Alternative?
Planning a wedding and want to do something a little diferent? Sinead Bailey Kelly and Deirdre Young from alternative styling and production company H&G Creations are here with some savvy top tips, and venues, to get you started
Real Weddings
Angela Gallagher Helen O’Reilly Rathsallagh House Co. Wicklow
Meet the Wedding Planner
Daragh Doyle had a high level job in insurance for 20 years, but ater organising his own wedding last year, he decided to throw the towel in and start up as a planner for same-sex couples who have decided to tie the knot. It’s hard work, he says, but always worth it
Weddings with a Diference
Looking for a diferent experience for your Big Day Out? From weddings on the shimmering sea to private estate hire, to alternative fun for party animals, we’ve got it locked down for you
Let There Be Sight
After nearly 20 years of blurred vision, thanks to laser surgery, Aidan Quigley can at last see a beautiful man at 40 paces
Shirley’s Burn Book
This month, Dee Dee Fontaine wears falsies and…
For better or for worse?
For LGBT+ people, who carry such a legacy of shame and marginalisation, the big pink wedding might appear to be the perfect way to validate our entire existence to ourselves and to everyone else. But proceed with caution, warns couples therapist
Inside Out
Brazillian native, Rodrigo Ternevoy let a steady job in inance to pursue his passion for acting. Now a regular gay character on Fair City and with upcoming indie horror Red Room about to hit cinemas, he talks about his wedding to his Irish partner, being warned about typecasting, and not always having to push the gay agenda