My Queer Utopia

Queer Utopia is an exciting, ongoing collaborative project from GCN inviting LGBTQ+ artists, activists, makers, thinkers and dreamers to create work based on their responses to that boldest of imaginings - a Queer Utopia.

Pairing creators of differing backgrounds and disciplines, we have asked them to collectively respond to this notion. What is the ideal future for our queer family, how would it look, sound, feel?

It is the positivity and artistry of these fine folk that we need at a time like this when negative forces seek to divide us, subjugate us, narrow our choices and remove our dreams of an ideal future. Both of this month’s creators are fierce and prolific in their own areas so we were really excited to pair them and see what they might produce. We are thrilled by the results as we hope you will be too.

This month, our queer cartographers are Osaro and Sarah Moloney.

They describe their ideal futures as such: “Our Queer Utopia is one that we strive to make a reality in our lives in many ways: living in an environment where one can access dyke women’s spaces more frequently, dancing naked to sickening tunes and attending our friends’ local music gigs in a country that doesn’t punish the community with sky-high rent prices is an ideal that we strive to experience in the very near future.”

Our glorious creatives are:

Osaro, a sexy social Auntie who likes putting on African punk nights like her gig Black Jam with Dublin Fringe Festival and has a residency with Dublin Digital Radio with her show AfroGrunge. Making racists shit their pants just a lil’ bit in the Gentlemen’s Club that we informally know as the Dublin gay and music scene, is also her charm.

You can chat with Osaro @friedplantainscollective

Sarah Moloney, a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator with over ten years experience working in design, in studios in Dublin, Hamburg, and London. If you would like to avail of her talents, she can design for all your needs in the print and digital worlds, from branding to infographics to animated gifs. She is also known to make both happy and sad illustrations.

You can find more of her work at www.sarahmoloney.com or on Instagram @sarahmoloneydesign

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This article appears in the 365 Issue of GCN