Go Out Dancing

Tonie traces his 40 year-long career back to the halcyon days of Flikkers at the Hirschfeld Centre- the LGBT+ social and cultural resource that was founded by NXF and with which he was intimately involved. His clubbing work allowed him to fund a lifetime of political activism and public service.

Over the years, his collaborations with the Horny Organ Tribe collective, POD, Tripod, Cork’s Black Box and Dublin’s THISISPOPBABY have produced some of Ireland’s most challenging and inventive club work.

Tonie will be bringing it all to a close at the Ukiyo gig which will also see him say a fond farewell to Ireland as he heads off to a new life in Turkey, where, he told GCN, he plans to write his memoirs.

Joining him at the Ukiyo dance party will be his longtime Horny Organ Tribe running mate, Aoife Nic Canna, the woman who introduced Dublin to hip-hop in the early 1990s.

For more details visit www.ukiyobar.com and the HornyOrganTribe Facebook page.

This article appears in the 363 Issue of GCN

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This article appears in the 363 Issue of GCN