Life Is A Cabearet |

Life Is A Cabearet

On Friday January 31, Bear Lee There will host an amazing showcase of performers raising much-needed funds for the Irish Men’s Sheds Association.

Taking place in Drop Dead Twice on Francis Street, Dublin, Bear Lee there’s Charity Cabearet All Male(ish) Review will see a smorgasbord of talented performers donating their time to the worthy event. Featuring boylesque, comedy, live music, drag kings and queens and cabaret performers, the evening promises to be a riotously good time.

Speaking about the inspiration for the event, Bear Lee There shared, “I personally lost my brother ten years ago because he felt he had hit a dead end with no way out but one. I didn’t get to say goodbye, didn’t even know how he was feeling as he didn’t feel he could tell anyone. Let’s not allow others to be silent and become a memory. Let’s talk, let’s laugh, let’s cry together.”

The Shed’s Association provides support, information and resources to member’s sheds throughout Ireland as well as creating a programme called Sheds for Life - a vital and lifesaving community-based health promotion programme aimed at supporting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of members.

Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite.

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This article appears in the 362 Issue of GCN