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Dream Location

Taking a much needed break from the city with my friend, Jane, weddings were the last things on our mind (which our respective partners will be glad to hear), but while taking in the glorious surrounds of Farnham Estate, Jane commented, “If you were planning to, this would be the place to do it.”

Situated over acres of rolling Cavan countryside, the luxurious spa and golf resort quickly captured itself a golf convert. Hint - it wasn’t me.

I had originally intended to bring our friend, Trish, as Jane and had been away together recently enough, but after it was all arranged and the booking made, Trish couldn’t go, so Jane happily came along. Due to one of my jokes that didn’t come across as a joke, Jane was under the impression she had to pretend to BE Trish. After checking in, we met our wonderful hosts who would be organising our trip and showing us the sights. Cue mortification as Jane introduced herself with her new name, as we (I) wondered how long we’d have to keep this up.

When we unpacked our bags in our deeply comfortable room, the new Trish and took part in a golf clinic where new Trish absolutely flourished while somehow got progressively worse. Perhaps it was panic over keeping up our bizarre charade.

There followed a fl at out delicious lunch in the newly opened Golf Clubhouse with a fantastic array of light bites, and no shortage of vegetarian and vegan options. It was really something looking out through the huge windows at the golf course rolling away in the distance, the sun shining above. The imposter and then made our way back to the beautiful main building for our spa treatments.

I had an insanely terrific and much needed deep tissue massage in The Spa, which, despite its effectiveness, still managed to send me off to sleep in the ultra calming treatment room. woke myself by snoring, which the hugely professional masseuse was kind enough not to comment on.

Alongside the choice of massages, there is a thermal suite with a steam room, aromatherapy room, salt room and all kinds of showers. As we emerged from each of the rooms, wondered if it was Jane who was still with me or whether she had decided to become someone else with the opening of each new door.

We then chatted for ages in the luxurious indoor/outdoor pool. If you were part of a wedding party, this would be an excellent way to wind down pre or post ceremony. Stresses genuinely seemed to just melt away.

Stress free and gussied up, we then tried the new range of fantastic cocktails Farnham had introduced. Yes, we tried the whole range. Afterwards, very smiley, we headed to the wonderfully atmospheric Cedar Rooms Restaurant, a converted stone building, and had a mouth watering dinner designed by Farnham’s Executive Head Chef, Daniel Willimont. Usually, whenever go to restaurants or weddings, tend to get menu envy, looking glumly at my choice of dish while my companion happily eats away at the scrumptious dinner didn’t order. Not in this case. My meal was gorgeous. When Jane asked for a taste, obviously cut her a piece of my beef, but only a small piece.

Over dinner, and a few glasses of wine, the jig was soon up with Jane’s secret identity as she merrily told anyone who would listen, leaving us (me) free to almost jig with relief in the resident’s bar later on.

Heading back to Dublin, Jane and agreed that Farnham Estate is a wonderful place to spend any amount of time in. Not only would it genuinely make a great wedding venue, it’s a perfect place to escape from the stresses of life, especially if you love a bit of golf.

All three of us heartily recommend it.

To book your wedding or weekend getaway at Farnham Estate Spa and Golf Resort, visit their website at www.Farnhamestate.ie.

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This article appears in the 358 Issue of GCN