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Dublin Film QLUB Says Goodbye

100 films. 10 premieres. 9 seasons. 20 collaborations. 90 discussions. 9 original film trailers. 90 original posters. 10 years of the Dublin Film Qlub.

Season One: ‘Silent Gay And Lesbian Films’, included the earliest gay marriage on screen (1927), and the first lesbian/trans feature (1916).

Season Two: ‘Around The World In The ‘80s’ - from a coming-of-age tale in the slums of Sao Paulo, to a lesbian anime about rival schoolgirls with nuclear-powered robots.

Season Three: ‘Evil Gay - Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know’ celebrated villains, from the woman who turns into a panther when aroused (by women and men), to a very confused homophobic propaganda film full of laughable straights.

Season Four: ‘After Stonewall - Burning The Closet!’ looked at the free-loving queer avant-garde in the ’70s, from a cottaging frenzy in Paris, to a fun fic-and-doc mashup of trans mayhem in Tokyo.

Season Five: ‘Gay And Lesbian Directors’ saluted the one-masterpiece wonder of Kenneth McPherson, or the smashing realism of Dee Rees.

Season Six: ‘Functional Families’ - from an everexpanding queer dinner table at a farmhouse, to the grimy brothel where a trans woman homes her clan.

Season Seven: ‘Adaptations’ revisited a mad lesbian Japanese novel of 1921, or a gay-boy bacchanal from a first century manuscript.

Season Eight: ‘No Victim’ showed queers fighting back in India and Morocco, Senegal and Peru, Mexico and Russia, Israel and Guinea.

Season Nine: ‘Off The Wall!’ had a touch of divine madness, from the luscious fantasies of a hustler, to an intersex science-fiction romance thriller.

You can find the list of films on the Film Qlub website. But you won’t find what made it special. It was the audience, arriving every month with an open mind, always ready to roar, swallow back tears, laugh like muppets, get angry, and get together.

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This article appears in the 356 Issue of GCN