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Welcome, dear reader, to an issue where, amongst other things, we talk about the one thing that we all have in common, no matter our sexuality, gender expression, or belief system – that we all live on planet earth and right now our home is in crisis. It’s time for real talk, by actually having a conversation about making big changes instead of patting ourselves on the back for recycling a plastic bottle. What truly unites us all is the fact we all have to unite in order to pull the world out of its downward momentum.

From L-R Katie Donohoe, Stefano Pappalardo, Lisa Connell, Peter Dunne, Dave Darcy.

To that end, in this issue we have a piece by a member of Extinction Rebellion Ireland about their journey into awareness of the climate crisis. There’s a conversation between two members of the LGBT+ community 40 years apart in age but equally as devoted to change. As a centrepiece, we highlight people who made achievable changes in their own lives which will in turn have a big impact in making the world better.

Keeping on a global theme, the current Mr Gay Ireland, and competitor for Mr Gay World, talks about his journey away from shame following childhood trauma. The inspiring activist Vitalina Koval speaks of confronting homophobia and an ineffective government in Ukraine, while we discuss the situation for same-sex parents worldwide.

There’s a look at life after Direct Provision in respect of the housing crisis and we celebrate some of the fine folk behind LOOK (Loving Our Out Kids).

On the arts side, we highlight some of the shows coming our way as part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival while artist Brian Teeling speaks to curator Seán Kissane about their new exhibition in IMMA.

We chose our theme, global, as we feel strongly that the solution to the ecological crisis is with people themselves, in our hands, as our cover beautifully portrays.

In existence since 1988, GCN has always been at the forefront of social change, and now we recognise the immediate need for seismic changes to halt climate devastation and save our world. Furthermore, LGBT+ activists have been at the vanguard of much needed social justice activism for decades and have led Ireland in two significant referenda. We’re acutely aware of the intersectional nature of the existential crises we face. With all this in mind, we’ve teamed up with Extinction Rebellion Ireland and Project Arts Centre for an evening of information, learning, conversation and action around what each of us can do to effect meaningful change. The vital event is called ‘Mayday: The Fight To Save Our World’ and we are really proud to present it. All three organisations involved share a core value of activism, action and creating a provocative discourse in order to make the planet a better place. We hope this issue gives you hope and information to make positive change in your own world and if you can come along on May 1, we’d love to see you. We’re running out of time to save the planet and we believe in people power. It’s time to join the rebellion!

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