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For all you sports fanatics out there, brace yourselves, because the excellent Fairgame podcast returns this month.

Hosts Elaine and Seana will speak to a different Irish female athlete every two weeks, with many amazing stories told by some of Ireland’s preeminent sportswomen.

The first episode of season three is a Women’s Six Nations preview featuring two titans of the sport - Ailis Mardon-Egan and Fiona Coghlan. The second episode is an in depth (pardon the pun!) interview with the world champion and Paralympic swimmer - Ellen Keane (Pictured above).

As the hosts told us, the podcast began in 2016 when being a fan of women’s sport was a huge effort, and while the tide is slowly turning, there’s loads more work to be done.

It’s an essential listen for any true aficionado of the awesome athletes our fair country has produced.

Check out ‘Fairgame’ at www.headstuff.org.

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This article appears in the 351 Issue of GCN