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Stand With Chechnya

Lisa Connell from GCN read aloud the following statement signed by Irish LGBT+ organisations from across the country:

With detailed and confirmed reports of sexual assault, torture, detention and murder against those perceived to be members of the LGBT+ community, the protest was organised to demand that both the Irish and Russian governments intervene.

Speakers included Aisling Cusack from USI, Evgeny Shtorn, and Collette O’Regan from LGBT Ireland who said: “It’s incredibly important that we are outside the Russian Embassy tonight because it sends a message to Russia and to our own government and to the general public that human rights need to be protected everywhere in the world.

“Right now, what’s happening in Chechnya is completely unacceptable and unforgivable. Everyone is terrified and at risk. We have to stand up with them. We have to tell our government that they can’t stay silent and that they have to use all of their influence with Russian business and government officials to defend the human rights of LGBT+ people in Chechnya and in Russia.”

Senator Fintan Warfield from Sinn Féin said, “Russia must make sure that the persecutions and the human rights abuses in the Chechen Republic are fully investigated and that they are ended immediately and that LGBT+ people who require assistance are given assistance.

“We are here with the Irish LGBT+ community outside the Russian Embassy standing up and saying that we will not be silent while our LGBT+ brothers and sisters are imprisoned, tortured and killed.”

“The Irish LGBT+ community stands in solidarity with our LGBT+ family in Chechnya.

We condemn the escalating violence against LGBT+ people and urge An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, to publicly condemn the antiLGBT+ crackdown.

The Irish Government must raise this issue at the highest possible level with Russian leaders and call for an immediate end to this harrowing persecution.

The Irish government needs to live up to its international protection obligations to recognise and protect Chechen refugees who reach Ireland, as well as using its full consular influence, facilities and resources to support The Russian LGBT+ Network in its vital work in Russia and the region at this time in affording safe options to those at risk.

We call for the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate the human rights situation in the Chechen Republic.

The Irish LGBT+ community will not let this matter rest or fall out of the news cycle. We will continue to stand with the LGBT+ community in Chechnya and demand that the Russian authorities put an end to the violence and bring those responsible to justice.”

The statement calling for change was signed by the following:

Amach LGBT Galway

Amnesty Ireland

BeLonG To

Dublin Bears

Dublin Pride

Dundalk Outcomers

Free Legal Advice Centres

Gay Switchboard


International Dublin Gay

Theatre Festival

Irish Council For Civil Liberties

LGBT Ireland


NUI Maynooth



Rainbow Project Belfast

Shout Out

Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource



This Is Me


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