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Holiday at Home

Nowadays many of us live in bustling cities, either born there or drawn there for work, and when you see something everyday, your appreciation can’t help but lessen. Caught between the commute to and from work, with maybe a stop off at a usual bar or a visit to the cinema, we almost wear a trail into the ground trudging the same routes.

And then you spot a tourist, and you think to yourself, what are they visiting here for? Well, do anyway. But at those moments remember- there’s so much in my city haven’t seen. They might be thuddingly obvious cliches, but live in Dublin and I’ve never seen the Book Of Kells for instance, I’ve never seen the Guinness Storehouse. That may have something to do with the fact think Guinness is rotten, but the point still stands!

City breaks, even in the city you live in, can be a refreshing chance to not only get out of the house and away from that Netflix watch-list that is basically taking over your life, but it can also be a chance to revisit, and appreciate your home.

I stayed overnight in the stunning Trinity City Hotel, located a stones throw from the college of the same name. Checking out my beautifully appointed room, there was a selection of mini-desserts laid out on a side table. As my partner would not be joining me for dinner but would come to the hotel later in the evening, the nice part of me told me should really leave the desserts for him. So kind of did, only eating one.

It was wonderfully unique to get a birds eye view of the city at night from the hotel window, while slowly ate that delicious macaroon that my partner would never realise was missing from the plate.

The hotel is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding venue, and it’s clear to see why. There are numerous cosy bars, comfortable lounges and a relaxing courtyard area, the staff couldn’t be more attentive and an evening here just feels special somehow. My guest and ate in their Number 24 dining room. The gorgeous period detail of the room really makes it feel like a very special dining experience. The food was utterly delicious, as was the wine that accompanied each course. Just as the alcohol consumption was nearing the ‘You’re my best friend ever’ stage, my partner arrived. showed him the room and watched like a martyr as he ate those desserts. “Are you enjoying all of them?” asked beatifically.

After a great night’s sleep, we took off on the Fab Food Trails. Our guide led us around epicurean gems which may get missed. Personal favourites were the sausage rolls in Lolly And Cooks in George’s Arcade, (cue a half hour later when was still telling my partner “That sausage roll was lovely”. “Yeah, know,” he said.) and the whiskey tasting in The Swan pub. “Are you nishing that?” became my motto. The excellent tour also took in the food market in Temple Bar Square, a must for any proper foodie. We went back to our house afterwards, promising we’d take better advantage of living so close to so many possible things to do. And then turned on Netflix.

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