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The scene in The Paperboy where Nicole Kidman and John Cusack reach orgasm in a prison visiting room without touching as others look on in uncomfortable shock. It is not hot at all, well, it kind of is in a gross way, but it’s genuinely jaw dropping in its intensity and how absolutely out-there it is.


The Disobedience sex scene with Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz because it was made to empower the characters. Rachel Weisz edited the scene, freeing it of the male gaze and by doing so, creating one of the better portrayals of lesbian sex in film.


It would definitely have to be the polysexual orgy in Sense8 (the first one). Aside from being pretty hot, I absolutely loved the meaning behind it- different people connecting in the moment, and the way it was shot was really beautiful.


True Blood was an incredibly sexy series showcasing lots of queer (and straight) sex across seven seasons. I couldn’t possibly pick just one sex scene but anything with Eric or Pam gets my vote.


Tommy Wiseau and Juliette Danielle in The Room. Wiseau’s justification for his self-directed sex-scene debut was that if he didn’t show his ass the movie wouldn’t sell. I’m not sure if it helped sales or not, but it certainly made for some weird cinema, and decades later somehow grew into a – ahem – ‘classic’.

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