The Verdict

With an eight year gap between album releases, Robyn’s Honey arrives under the weight of much expectation. Famed for sharp, propulsive, floor-filling pop, her new album shares plenty of the same DNA as her previous work, with a new contemplative edge.

Album opener ‘Missing U’ feels like vintage Robyn, an instant dance-pop hit that’s both melancholic and uplifting. The mood shifts on tracks like ‘Baby Forgive Me’ and ‘Human Being’, which have an existential quality to them matched up with intricate, swirling, club-friendly production.

The album celebrates the power of being lost in music, with the title track a terrific example - a swirling ear-worm that builds and builds. ‘Between The Lines’ is a joyful re-tread of ‘90s house while ‘Because It’s In The Music’ channels the best of disco.

Some may find the lack of straight-up pop jarring, but Honey is a beautifully constructed piece of work that rewards repeat listens. It suggests that Robyn’s own unique brand of pop will continue to surprise us.

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This article appears in the 348 Issue of GCN