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We Asked The Team

It’s our annual weddings issue, so


If my better half and were ever to get hitched, we would defi nitely have to have a gothic wedding. Mainly because we both look FABULOUS in black!


The theme would be Meatloaf, as in the singer, not the slightly less popular dinner item. Expect aming motorcycle exhausts, black leather and lace couture, big hair and a screaming power ballad as walk up the aisle crying and cracking a whip at each station of the cross. don’t even like Meatloaf.


I would have a drag wedding where all the men wear dresses and all the women wear suits, because would love to see my Dad in a dress! Instead of a rst dance we would have a lip sync for your life and instead of speeches it would be a roast.


It would defi nitely be on Halloween, so there would be pumpkin centrepieces on rickety, cobweb covered tables, a coffi shaped cake that leaked when cut, a zombie celebrant and, during our fi rst kiss, a bucket of blood would be dropped on us. The other groom would not know this in advance.


My wedding would have a Sound Of Music theme. Picture yodelling, goat puppets and edelweiss ower arrangements. I’d whisk my family off to Austria and I’d dress my bridesmaids in the fi nest curtain couture while I’d wear a white dress with a blue satin sash. I’d probably omit the nuns from the narrative though.


My theme would have to be ‘Geek Fest’. There would be an arcade area, a board game area (Cards Against Humanity anyone?) and we’d ask the guests to take part in K-Pop dance routines. Also, a cat petting zoo because we are both crazy cat ladies and you can’t go wrong with kittens.

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