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Busby Berkery

Irish choreographer extraordinaire, James Berkery (pictured) will have his mad skills blown large on the big screen with the release of the short dance film Four Quartets. Directed by Marco Alessi, the dialogue-free foot tapping flick cuts out words to let body language do the talking, utilising movement maestro James’ talents to best effect.

Featuring actor stroke dancer Laurie Kynaston in the main role, the pirouetting piece navigates the queer experience in modern day UK, or should we say, interprets it. Boom boom.

Premiering at the BFI London Film Festival, the queer Quartets is sure to be among the arabesque on offer before putting its best foot forward on festival screens throughout October. Fans planning to make a trip across the pond can snap up tickets before the movie quicksteps around the cinematic circuit

Looks like it won’t be a long, long way to stardom after all for Tipperary native Berkery.

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This article appears in the 346 Issue of GCN