GCN 30 Exhibition

As part of the ongoing celebrations of GCN’s 30th Birthday, we launched a Fund It campaign to help mount a very special exhibition at the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square during the Dublin Pride Festival. The exhibition will chart the history of Ireland LGBT+ community over the past three decades through the pages of its community magazine.

Curated by GCN’s founder, Tonie Walsh, the GCN30 exhibition will use archival material from our beloved publication to tell a momentous story of social change, driven by activists who envisioned an Ireland where all people were equal. From decriminalisation to marriage equality and gender recognition: 30 years of political, cultural and social progress documented and celebrated.

GCN is published by the community, for the community, and is the oldest publication of its sort in the world. All of you, our readers, are part of this story, and all of you have been part of GCN over the years.

We really want you to be part of this history-making exhibition too, so we’re asking you to come on board to help fund it.

The money we raise thanks to your generous contribution will be used for venue hire, to design, mount, produce and launch the exhibition in style, and to reward our wonderful pledgers.

We have already secured funding from The Community Foundation of Ireland to begin work on this ambitious project. All we need now is your support to bring it to life.

Find out more about how you can become part of the GCN30 Fund It campaign at www.fundit.ie/project/gcn30-exhibition

This article appears in the 341 Issue of GCN

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This article appears in the 341 Issue of GCN