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The 38th EVA International, Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art will hit various venues across Limerick from April to July, with an extended programme to include Dublin’s IMMA next month, featuring work by some pretty prominent queer artists.

Created in 1988 (the same year as GCN), Marlon Riggs’ avant garde film, Tongues Untied (pictured) gets a timely 30th anniversary inclusion. The piece blends documentary footage with personal account and fiction in an attempt to depict the specificity of black gay identity. The ‘silence’ referred to throughout the film is that of black gay men, who are unable to express themselves because of the prejudices of white and black heterosexual society, as well as white gay society.

Mondial by Roy Dib is a film based around institutional borders in the modern day Middle East. A travel film made in a location that doesn’t permit travel, it depicts two male lovers, in a setting where homosexuality is a punishable crime.

Northern Irish artist, Locky Morris, presents his installation, Comm, a work that references the system of covert messaging used by Republican prisoners during the Troubles. The practice involved writing tiny messages on toilet or cigarette paper and wrapped in cling-film, typically exchanged through a kiss between prison visitors and inmates.

For the full EVA International programme, visit www.eva.ie

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This article appears in the 341 Issue of GCN