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Generous Gayglers!

A big shout-out from all at GCN and our publishers, the National LGBT Federation, to the Gayglers & Allies Employee Resource Group (LGBT+ community) at the Google campus in Dublin, who ran a table quiz supporting GCN on March 28.

Approximately 35 gorgeous Gayglers, as well as non-ERG Googlers came to the event, and their donations to GCN will will be matched by Google, bringing the estimated overall figure into the high three digits. Yay!

A great time was had by all, including GCN staff, who presented on the 30-year history of Ireland’s LGBT+ magazine. On behalf of Ireland’s LGBT+ community, for whom GCN is a key resource, we say thank-you to all the generous Gayglers who were in attendance, and especially to Rico Dittrich and Martin Zaborowski, who organised the event.

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