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A Little Respect

English synthpop duo Erasure have been working solidly for 32 years, without a break or breakup. Since releasing their first single in 1985, they’ve sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, topped the charts with classics singles like ‘A Little Respect’, won numerous awards and singlehandedly invented Post Its. Okay, maybe not that last one, but we can all agree that they’ve achieved a lot.

Frontman Andy Bell has always been unapologetic about his sexuality since the ’80s, a time when, even for celebrities, being openly gay was no easy thing. In 1986 Bell told Melody Maker, “I won’t portray a heterosexual in videos.”

It is for these reasons that the duo have enjoyed such enduring popularity with queer audiences through the years. Indeed, they are so popular that despite not having had a single in the UK charts since 2007, they have had to extend their Olympia gig this month from one to three nights, due to a phenomenal demand for tickets.

Erasure play three nights at The Olympia, January 29-31. Tickets €54.50 from ticketmaster

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This article appears in the 337 Issue of GCN